City tour in Medellin with commune 13

Medellin is a city that has had a great transformation in recent years; it is now a must-see city in Colombia, since each of its streets tell a story, expose a development and speak of a painful past from which the community was able to leave. Today Medellin has another face and now its residents are the ones who show the beauty of the city through their murals, their charisma, their kindness, their artists, their landscapes and their delicious food.

In this tour you will have the chance to know the Pueblito Paisa, to visit the squares and places of interest in downtown Medellin as the Alpujarra, Plaza de las luces, the old railroad station, Carabobo pedestrian, National Palace, Veracruz Church, Botero Square, some murals of Pedro Nel, Berrio Park, Museum of Antioquia (optional), Junin pedestrian street, Bolivar Park and San Antonio Park; as well as the main history of Medellín, its culture, its customs and the Medellín of the 80's and 90's.

After knowing the most characteristic of this area, we will go to the commune 13 where you will enjoy a great cultural tour through the different murals, graffiti and art galleries of this magical space, there you can learn about the social transformation of the commune and its development, what was the Orion operation and how is the daily life of its inhabitants.


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The tour is available from Monday to Sunday.

Recommended starting time: 8:00AM

Duration of tour: 9 hours.


This tour is available in English and Spanish.


Transportation will pick you up and drop you off at the lodge.



*The Museum of Antioquia is closed on Sundays.

Children under 17 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

It is recommended before starting the tour to notify the guide if you have any medical problems or allergies.

**Reservations through the payment link via whatsapp (credit or debit cards) or via E-Payco through our website, have an additional value of 7%, as this is what the platforms charge us for the transaction.

If you made a reservation 12 hours in advance, but have not paid at least 10 hours in advance, the tour will not take place. If you have any inconvenience please contact us at WhatsApp +573045996293

 If for any reason you need to reschedule the tour you can do it free of charge 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will have a penalty of 35%.

 This tour allows you to cancel free of charge 48 hours in advance, otherwise you will have a penalty of 10% up to 12 hours before the tour. For cancellations less than 12 hours, the penalty will be 50% of the total value of the tour.


It is recommended to use sunscreen.

Wearing comfortable shoes.


  • Price per person 2 passengers COP$495,000
  • Price per person 3 passengers COP$364,000
  • Price per person 4 passengers COP$335,000
  • Price per person 5 passengers COP$288,000
  • Price per person 6 passengers COP$257,000
  • Price per person 7 passengers COP$243,000
  • Price per person 8 passengers COP$225,000
  • Price per person 9 passengers COP$212,000
  • Price per person 10 passengers or more: COP$200,000

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