Alternative and gastronomic Free Tour

Hello, we are Oaca Colombia and we would like to invite you to our alternative tour of Bogota. If you already took our historical tour and are now looking for something more relaxed, more experiential and maybe a tour in which you can get to know some architectural jewels of downtown and some clandestine places while tasting Colombian food, well this is the tour you are looking for.

In this alternative tour of 3 hours we will walk through the streets of downtown while we taste and know some typical foods of Colombia, you can try about 14 dishes and typical drinks; along the way we will also go to places frequented by locals, not so touristy and you can meet other magical places and a little clandestine while we share a pleasant time and learn about our culture. On the tour we will visit two colonial passages and the best places to buy souvenirs.
*Remember that our tour is NOT free. At the end, each person gives a monetary contribution according to the satisfaction of the tour. 
***the dishes and drinks to be tasted on the tour are not included, people pay for what they order and want to buy. 
The tour is only in Spanish, however it is an excellent experience if what you want is to practice your Spanish, if you want to know new spots for photos or if you just want to eat typical things. For the tour does not use very complex vocabulary. 
The tour is available Monday to Sunday in SPANISH at  2PM
The meeting point will be at the Plaza de Bolivar in front of the church, the Catedral Primada.
Our guide will be holding a green umbrella with the name of the company, Oaca Colombia.
RESERVATION IS NECESSARY, if for any reason you do not receive the confirmation message, please chat with us WhatsApp +57 3045996293.


1. To attend the tour it is necessary to make a reservation, so we can assign a guide.
2. Once the reservation is made, contact us and confirm your attendance, then look for our guide in front of the cathedral with a green umbrella that certifies him as a representative of Oaca Colombia.
3. Food and beverages to be tasted on the tour are not included. 
4. At the end of the tour you can book more experiences with us, just tell our guide which ones you want and he will give you all the information.
5. If for any reason you can not attend we recommend you to cancel your reservation.
1.The tour will not be cancelled due to bad weather, so we recommend bringing an umbrella.
2. Wear comfortable shoes for the hike.
3.Leave in time to the meeting point, as sometimes it takes 40min to 1h to get there from points like Chapinero or la 93 in Bogotá. Check in advance how long it takes to get there. 
4. Indicate at the beginning of the tour if you have any dietary restrictions or if you are allergic to any food.
  • Price per person 2 passengers COP$0
  • Price per person 3 passengers COP$0
  • Price per person 4 passengers COP$0
  • Price per person 5 passengers COP$0
  • Price per person 6 passengers COP$0
  • Price per person 7 passengers COP$0
  • Price per person 8 passengers COP$0
  • Price per person 9 passengers COP$0
  • Price per person 10 passengers or more: COP$0

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