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Snowy Tolima

Lost City


Guatavita Lagoon and Zipaquira Salt Cathedral



  • Agustin B

    Historical tour in Candelaria, Bogota

    Our guide Ricardo Jiménez was spectacular, he made the tour a great experience. He took us to different places within La Candelaria, and told us about the history of each site. He was very knowledgeable and he knew everything we asked him. I 100% recommend this tour.

  • Sofia

    Free Walking

    We did the free walking tour with Ricardo Jiménez! He could not have been better, he is a very informed guy who knows everything you ask him, he makes the tour entertaining and you can see the professionalism and dedication that he gives to this profession! More than recommended! A genius  

  • Lorena P

    Knowing our roots

    A tour of the central cemetery...it was a very enriching experience and it is what we need...to know our roots...the tour and the work of all those who interact in it were excellent.

  • Lea

    Paula is an amazing tour guide, she knows all the history of Bogota, is very sweet, entertaining, highly recommended

  • Florencia

    Paula is an excellent professional. She conveys her enthusiasm for the profession and provides us with very valuable and conducive information to understand how the rola society was founded and how it works today. We just have so much gratitude and applause for Paula. Thanks 1000 and a strong Uruguayan hug from Alen and Florencia. Tour 100% recommended >>> don't hesitate!!!

  • Brenda A

    Marvelous. Hike was good from start to finish

    The walk to Quebrada Las Delicias was a wonderful experience, full of green and knowledge about our environment. The best thing was the care and respect of the guides and the biologist who accompanied us. Another way to discover our city.

  • Tuve mi recorrido privado

    Very nice Tour, juan Felipe explained everything very nice. ? can suggest this tour to everyone who ones to know as well about the history of Bogota

  • Gran Tour

    The tour was great and we only recommend it to everyone. Dave, our tour guide, told us a lot of details and answered all our questions. It was not such a typical boring tour but he actually tried to make it exciting for everyone!

  • Gran tour

    I had a really good time walking with Daniel through the center of Bogota! He was really kind, had lots of great information, answered any question without hesitating and told me the history of the city in an interesting way! And even though it was raining and I was the only person taking the tour, there was no doubt in doing it. Thank you, I’d definitely recommend the tour!


Este es un tour diseñado para ofrecerle al viajero una extensa introducción histórica y cultural sobre la ciudad y el país. El tour tiene una duración de 3 horas y será por el centro histórico, la Candelaria.

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